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Come winter and all we want to do is snuggle in our warm blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book. Even the thought of stepping out of the house in the freezing cold sends a shiver down the spine. But inadvertently, winter is the best season for holidaying in the snow capped mountains, trekking up the slippery slopes and sitting around a bonfire with a group of friends or family. Holidaying or no holidaying, one winter fashion rule which should never be broken is to step out without a hot pair of sunglasses. Though the sun feels extremely good on the face in the chilly weather, it still is potent enough to harm our eyes. The suns glare reflecting off flat surfaces like the pearly white snow, water and glass panes is very disturbing. Also, the harmful UV rays are likely to cause as much harm to our eyes in winters, as they do during the summer season. Stepping out in the sun on a chilly winter day without a pair of sunglasses is practically a sin. Unfortunately, our favourite summe...
Its only been a couple of years that contact lenses entered the eyewear industry and took it by storm. Though eyeglasses and sunglasses had a stronghold over the market for eyewear, contact lenses captured the imagination of the people who were suffering from vision problems and were tired of sporting eyeglasses for visio cheap ray ban glasses n correction. It was a revolutionary innovation, an alternative for correcting ones vision without letting the world know about it. Not wanting to lose potential customers, eyeglasses manufacturers took things in their stride and started exploring their creative sensibilities. That resulted in a drastic development of the eyeglasses and sunglasses segment. Quirky frames in all kinds of shapes and sizes, dazzling and subtle shades of frames and colorful lenses soon floode ray ban store usa d the markets. And since then, there h cheap ray ban glasses uk as been no looking back. But with this fast-paced creative advancement of the eyewear industry...
Its time to face the urban jungle. The Camouflage, ray ban sunglasses aviator aka Camo prints are in full force this summer season. From Milan Fashion Week to FTV models, from men to women everyone is going wild with the Camo. Whiel the military-inspired motif was always a favourite with men, its selling like hot cakes for wom ray ban clubmaster sunglasses en too now. Design inspiration From Michael Kors, to Christopher Kane, to Gryphon, almost all designers showed camo-inspired print ray ban outlet mall s in a wi ray ban sunglasses grey de range of colours and textures on the Sprin-Summer runway. The hints of the same were seen during the Fall runways too, but who knew it would stick on in the scorching heat too. Dresses, jackets, pants, bags, shoes nothings hidden from the Camo fever. So much so that the worlds largest and most popular eyewear brand, Ray-Ban, has launched its latest collection of sunglasses with Camo prints on the temples. Camo fever hits the eyes Camouflage i...
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